Generic Viagra

Viagra is generally used when needed, as a rule half an hour prior to sexual intercourse. It is an approved medication for male impotence treatment - difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection. It may treat erectile dysfunction, hypertension, vasculogenic impotence and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It comes as oral dosage form with 25mg, 50 mg and 100mg strengths. A propos, Viagra is a brand name of Sildenafil Citrate.

Concomitant administration with antihypertensive agents can lead to a serious drop in blood pressure. Chest pain drugs containing nitric oxide, nitrates and organic nitrates can dangerously get hyperactive when used concomitantly with Viagra.

Viagra shouldn't be taken at individual intolerance to any of its components. The allergic reactions it may provoke are facial swelling, rash, itching, and shortness of breath. Viagra must be avoided if you have severe liver or heart problems, low blood pressure, hereditary degenerative retinal disorders or have recently had an apoplectic or heart attack.

Check with your doctor before use if you have multiple myeloma, leukemia or any penis deformity as extra care is needed for the drug usage under such conditions. Stop receiving the drug if you develop stomach ulcer or a bleeding disorder. Never combine Viagra with any other drug for erectile disorder. It shouldn't be used by teenagers, and people over 65 must take reasonable care and begin treatment with minimum inhibiting concentration as far as they are more susceptible to side effects. They must have their Viagra dosage adjusted by their doctor. In all circumstances, taking more than a pill a day or exceeding the recommended dosage must be avoided. If pills are taken with food or drink, it takes Viagra an extra hour to get working.

Side Effects of Viagra
Viagra can spur two major side effects: hearing loss and vision loss. Its severity may range from partial loss of sight (as blurred vision) or total vision loss. Another rare but serious side effects may be priapism, ventricular arrhythmias, increased intraocular pressure. Mild and transient side effects include facial flushing, headaches, muscle pain, joint ache, stomach upset and ocular disturbances. The severity of side effects depends on the dosage of the drug and correct dosage adjustment allows to avoid unwanted sequelae.

Viagra interacts with a number of drugs. Care must be taken when used concomitantly with protease inhibitors for HIV treatment, otherwise severity of side effects increases. In this case the dose of 25mg q48h shouldn't be exceeded. Erythromycin and Cimetidine may also interfere with metabolism of Sildenafil citrate and lead to prolonged plasma half life levels. Adverse Viagra interaction with alpha blockers, which leads to low blood pressure, can be avoided if they are received at least 4 hours apart.

Viagra and its Generic Versions

Viagra is a trademark of Pfizer company and no other pharma company can market this product under the same name. Therefore, after the patent for Viagra expired, there appeared great many drugs identical to Viagra in their formula but marketed under different names. They are usually called "Generic Viagra" and the only difference between generics and brand name medications is their additives and prices. As a rule, generics are much cheaper than the brand name products. Here are some versions of generic Viagra for your information:
  • Kamagra - perhaps the most famous generic of Viagra. It is manufactured by Ajanta pharma and comes in two major dosage forms 50mg and 100mg and is available as solid tablets, oral jelly, effervescent tablets and polo tablets with various fruit flavors.

  • Caverta - is produced by Ranbaxy in only one dosage form - 100mg pills, and is considered to be optimal for achieving erection and completing a full-blooded sexual intercourse.

  • Edegra - is manufactured by Indian Sun Rise International Labs in tablet form with 100mg strength of Sildenafil Citrate.

  • Penegra - another Indian generic version of Viagra, widely known in America and Britain. It is made by Zydus Alidac and comes in solid tablets with various strengths.

  • Silagra - is a well-known generic of Viagra produced by Cipla in solid dosage form with 50mg and 100mg strength.

  • Vega - film-coated tablets with 50mg and 100mg strength produced by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

  • Zenegra - are solid tablets with 25mg, 50mg and 100mg strength produced by Alkem Laboratories in India.
Apart from the above mentioned generics, there exist many other Viagra generic products as well. The active ingredient for all Viagra generics is the same - Sildenafil Citrate. The mode of action is also the same - firm and continuous erection becomes possible due to increased blood flow to the penile area and disappears naturally after the completion of sexual intercourse.

Generic versions are approved by relevant authorities of the country of manufacturer and are authorized for medical use. Generics as well as brand name medications are produced under good manufacturing practice standards following all the pharmaceutical production processes.